With “This Is Me… Now”, Jennifer Lopez sets to music and stages her love life

For her return to music, Jennifer Lopez did not skimp on means. The actress, singer and dancer releases her ninth studio album, This Is Me…Now , and a film on Prime Video, which she produced and wrote with music video director Dave Meyers. The one these fans affectionately call “JLo” or “Jenny from the block” had not released a record for ten years.

Since her debut, the artist born in the Bronx, New York, has sold more than 80 million copies of her eight previous records, combining careers as an actress and singer. She is also omnipresent in the celebrity pages of magazines for her more or less chaotic sentimental stories, from her relationship with the hip-hop producer Puff Daddy to her divorce from the singer Marc Anthony, from her engagement to a base player- ball to a short romance with the Canadian rapper Drake, to conclude with her very last marriage, with “the man of [s] my life” , the actor Ben Affleck.

In his new album, composed with Roget Chahayed, Hit-Boy and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman in particular, and in This Is Me… Now. A Love Story , his romantic film, is precisely what it is about: love with a capital “A”, an “A” also as an addiction.

Eternal romantic

At 54, “finally settled” , Jennifer Lopez makes fun of herself with great ferocity and grandiloquence. For her film, a musical comedy interspersed with video clips overloaded with special effects, she brings together her three passions – dancing, singing, acting – and… her friends. Puerto Rican rapper Fat Joe, a Bronx legend, plays his therapist, who ends up sending him to Lovers Anonymous meetings.

An eternal romantic with an artichoke heart, convinced that her failures in love are caused by astrological signs, she gives them a human appearance. Comedian Trevor Noah is Libra; feminist icon Jane Fonda, Sagittarius; singer Post Malone, the Lion; the African-American actress Jenifer Lewis plays a double, Gemini… And, together, from the heavens, they try to send signs to the young woman, who is sometimes under the influence of a violent boyfriend , whose choreographed arguments are very successful, sometimes gets married with great fanfare to the tune of Can’t Get Enough , which samples the chorus of I’m Still in Love With You , by Jamaican Sean Paul .

It is when Jennifer Lopez evokes her past as an ambitious young girl from the Bronx that she is most touching and most effective, mixing in songs like To Be Yours, Mad in Love , R’n’B vocals and rap verses, scratches and piano chords, reminiscent of the Bad Boy label’s productions on Hearts and Flowers . As soon as she indulges in pop and classical music, as on the languorous Broken Like Me, both the record and the film run out of steam. However, the listener and the spectator remain in suspense, because the aim of these two projects is to listen to Jennifer Lopez recount her marriage to actor Ben Affleck, a relationship about which her fans have already learned all about on social networks. Wasted effort: the actor only appears in the film in makeup.

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