At the sources of the platform for Depardieu, an actor close to the identity and reactionary spheres

At the sources of the platform for Depardieu, an actor close to the identity and reactionary spheres


“Men are afraid of having complaints against them even if they have done nothing. » It was with these words of justification that Yannis Ezziadi suddenly burst out, on television sets, the day after Christmas, to explain why he had taken up the pen to defend Gérard Depardieu. What we didn’t know is that this actor, who has attracted around fifty signatures, big French names in the seventh art or show business, got together with Eric Zemmour during his presidential campaign.

Three days after the publication of his column in Le Figaro , Yannis Ezziadi deleted his Instagram account, on which he liked to appear with cultural and media personalities. And tells Le Monde that he “prefers to stop talking” .

His adventure is like a rush from the times. Usually, the 32-year-old actor was seen in the chairs of Molières ceremonies or on the channels of the Bolloré group: his defense of bullfighting earned him several invitations on CNews or “Touche pas à mon poste!” », Cyril Hanouna’s talk show. But on December 26, it was on the BFM-TV channel that he justified the column written by him and published the day before   : a plea entitled “Don’t erase Depardieu”, an allusion to American “cancel culture” .

Friend of Michel Fau and Jean-Marie Besset, two personalities of French theater, Yannis Ezziadi has in reality just carried out one of the most formidable operations of seduction of the reactionary sphere within the world of culture, a bastion traditionally on the left. Because this man, who brought together big names in French cinema, theater and entertainment under his name, such as director Bertrand Blier, actresses Nathalie Baye, Carole Bouquet and Charlotte Rampling, actors Benoît Poelvoorde, Jacques Weber and Pierre Richard, the singers Roberto Alagna, Carla Bruni and Jacques Dutronc, is close to Sarah Knafo, the main advisor to the former presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. “An excellent boy,” comments the woman who is also the companion of the Maurras polemicist.


On March 27, 2022, Yannis Ezziadi participated in the reception organized for the “happy few” of Eric Zemmour’s campaign under the Alexandre-III bridge, at the end of his final meeting at the Trocadéro, in Paris. It was on this famous day that the supporters of the far-right candidate filled the huge square in front of the Eiffel Tower and shouted “Macron, assassin!” », without moving Mr. Zemmour, who claimed not to have heard. The actor played no role in the campaign, specifies Sarah Knafo. The sympathizer, on the other hand, questioned Eric Zemmour at length on the theme of culture: an interview published the day before the meeting in the reactionary monthly Causeur .

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