Hearing in the Senate, actress Judith Godrèche requests a commission of inquiry into sexual violence in cinema

Judith Godrèche requested, Thursday February 29, during a hearing in the Senate, the opening of a commission of inquiry into sexist and sexual violence in the cinema sector. Having become a leading figure in the fight against sexual violence against children since she filed a complaint, after decades of silence, against directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, the actress was interviewed by the women’s rights delegation of the Upper House.

Beyond the seventh art, she paid tribute to judge Edouard Durand, the former leader of Ciivise, this independent commission on incest and sexual violence against children, in the midst of a crisis, and pleaded to protect the children victims of sexual violence.

“This incestuous cinema family is only the reflection of all these families” affected by this violence, declared Judith Godrèche before the senatorial delegation, specifying that she had received 4,500 testimonies from victims on an email address that she opened for this purpose. effect.

Plea for “a more effective control system”

On cinema in particular, she “requested the establishment of a commission of inquiry into sexual and gender-based violence in the cinema sector” and also “the withdrawal” of her functions as president of the National Cinematography Center (CNC) by Dominique Boutonnat.

The latter was implicated in a case, not yet judged, of alleged sexual assault on his 21-year-old godson – accusations which he contests. He was reappointed despite this affair, to the great dismay of feminist associations.

Ms. Godrèche also asked to “impose a neutral referent on filming with a minor, a referent who is not paid by the production, who is trained” , so “that a child is never left alone on a filming” , with “a more efficient control system” . She would also like “an intimacy coach for scenes that involve” sexual scenes.

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