Ariana Grande Says ‘We Can’t Be Friends’ Video Captures Spirit of ‘Eternal Sunshine,’ Shouts Out Co-Star Evan Peters

Ariana Grande is reflecting on her new “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)” music video.

On Saturday (March 9), the 30-year-old pop superstar took to social media to share a heartfelt message about her loving homage to the 2004 Jim Carrey sci-fi romance that inspired her new album title, Eternal Sunshine.

“Thank you for creating such a safe space, for holding my hand, and for thoughtfully bringing this entire album to life with this one video. Though we will make many more, this video is the album to me,” Grande wrote on Instagram alongside a teaser of the visual, giving a shout-out to co-star Evan Peters and director Christian Breslauer. “A tremendous thank you to the incredible crew who made this what it is.”

Grande followed her note with a long list of the crew members involved in the creation of the video.

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Breslauer, who also directed the singer and actress’ “Yes, And?” video, shared his gratitude in the comments section. “Thank you for writing from the heart, leading the way and trusting me with something so precious,” the director wrote.

The midtempo track is the second single from Eternal Sunshine, following the January Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping hit “Yes, And?” In celebration of the album’s release, Grande will perform on Saturday Night Live this weekend as the Josh Brolin-hosted episode’s musical guest.

Eternal Sunshine, which arrived Friday (March 8), is already setting is already setting records. Spotify announced through social media on Saturday that the project is the company’s most-streamed album in a single day in 2024 so far.

Check out Grande’s “We Can’t Be Friends” post on Instagram below.


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