“Anatomy of a Fall” continues its incredible journey with the Oscar for best original screenplay

Everything has been said, everything written, about the success of Anatomy of a Fall , by Justine Triet, her incredible journey since the Palme d’Or in Cannes, the ninety prizes gleaned at festivals, the five Oscar nominations, and finally the Oscar for best original screenplay – written by Justine Triet and Arthur Harari – received on the night of Sunday March 10 to Monday March 11.

Contacted on the eve of the ceremony, the producers, Marie-Ange Luciani (Les Films de Pierre) and David Thion (Les Films Pelléas), were enjoying this final stretch, the votes having been closed since February 27. “We are well aware of the rarity of what happens to us, in the career of a producer. When the planets align like that… To be able to experience that at least once, with David, we say to ourselves that we are incredibly lucky,” emphasizes Marie-Ange Luciani.

David Thion adds: “I don’t know what this experience will change in our work, given that each film is a prototype. We have to fight to produce and finance our films, and that won’t change. It is especially for Justine that the situation will change,” he emphasizes, as the film approaches $32 million in worldwide revenue.

Theatrical release in China

Marie-Ange Luciani confirms: Anatomie is in theaters in China, it’s a huge release. If the film works, that means it will have touched all continents. There are very few French directors who succeed on such a scale, perhaps Jacques Audiard, and also François Ozon. Justine is the first French director to occupy this position internationally. »

In Hollywood, Justine Triet built “a network” : “She met actresses and actors who came to see her at the hotel to discuss the film or future projects. She met Scorsese and, soon, Spielberg. »

When asked if they will work together again, Marie-Ange Luciani and David Thion respond in unison: “Yes, for Justine’s next film! After the Oscars, we give him time to rest, and we’ll see you again in September. »

Irresistible rating of the dog Messi

The other unexpected factor was the irresistible popularity of the dog: the border collie Messi, alias Snoop in the film, has become the talk of the town in the United States. He had his press day in Los Angeles, then returned for the ceremony with his mistress and coach Laura Martin. The young woman has been working with the animal for six years: “I started my job as a film coach with Messi, he was my actor dog crash test , she smiled . Before Anatomy , Messi was never taken in castings, at least not for major performances. He had appeared in commercials, music videos, etc. He has a very particular physique, with his light eyes, perhaps he took up too much space on the screen. »

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