Alain Delon is still lucid, says his lawyer

Alain Delon is still lucid, says his lawyer


At the heart of the debate which accompanies the request for guardianship made against Alain Delon by his son Anthony, supported by another son, Alain-Fabien, the discernment of the 88-year-old actor is the subject of all questions and interpretations.

In an interview with Le Parisien published Monday January 15, Christophe Ayela, Alain Delon’s lawyer, declares that his client has not lost his lucidity − contrary to what his sons assert −, and is only diminished physically.

“I do not agree with his sons, who want to put him under guardianship. This seems unnecessary and vexatious to me,” says Mr. Ayela. “I say he’s still very consistent. Alain Delon is certainly diminished, but he is still with us .

He refuted the argument according to which a doctor had noted an “abolition of discernment” in the star: “This doctor is not an expert. “He must have had a day when he was not in good shape and he probably turned him away.” Another doctor mandated by the Montargis public prosecutor’s office – Alain Delon lives in Douchy (Loiret) – must soon assess his state of health. A measure of judicial protection could then be decided.

Medical treatment in question

M e Ayela said she hoped that this doctor would recommend the resumption of medical treatment from which her client no longer benefits, and which Alain Delon’s daughter, Anouchka, insists on. “I find it inconceivable and shocking that his sons stopped his treatment without medical advice,” he stressed.

Anthony Delon, for his part, affirmed, in an interview published Sunday by the Swiss daily Le Matin , that his father was not left without care. “He is being followed here in Douchy by an extremely competent doctor” and “we also have recognized specialists in France,” he said. “One of the treatments administered to him, experimental, was stopped last summer, in agreement with my father, my brother and my sister. Because he could no longer stand this treatment, and this relentlessness actually threatened to kill him,” according to Anthony Delon.

The latter welcomed the upcoming medical expertise, which according to him “will make it possible to protect [his] father, to confirm what the five tests carried out since 2019 have revealed, and to ratify what the public prosecutor announced, that is to say that his discernment is abolished .

Since the beginning of January, the star’s three children have been waging a fratricidal war, each swearing to defend their father’s best interests. Anouchka Delon calls for him to be treated in Switzerland, where she lives, while Anthony and Alain-Fabien say they respect their father’s wish to end his days at his property in Douchy.

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