Ahmed Saad Stars in the First Episode of ‘Jalsat Billboard Arabia’: Watch

After much anticipation and careful preparation, the “Jalsat Billboard Arabia” series has finally kicked off, featuring none other than star Ahmed Saad. In the premiere episode lasting 30 minutes, Saad treated viewers to four of his chart-topping hits on Billboard Arabia’s Hot 100 that have resonated across the Arab world in recent years.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

“Jalsat,” which translates to “sessions,” is a term used in the Arabic music community and refers to the gathering of musicians and a singer to perform in a unique and intimate setting. In this exclusive series, Billboard Arabia showcases intimate performances blending the raw authenticity of studio sessions with a vibrant set design, transforming music into an audio-visual masterpiece. In each episode, an established superstar or an emerging artist will deliver a stripped-down set, capturing the essence of their music through a production concept of their own choosing.

Renowned for his consistent presence among the top spots on the weekly list of Billboard Arabia’s Artist 100, Ahmed Saad stands as one of the foremost Arabic pop stars across the Middle East. This accolade is a testament to his enduring artistic journey spanning two decades, reaching its pinnacle in the past two years with the widespread acclaim of his hits across various music platforms.

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The session unfolds with Ahmed Saad delivering a powerhouse rendition of “Ekhtayaraty” (My Choices), the summer 2023 hit that captivated audiences far and wide. Originally featured in the Egyptian film Mr. Ex, the song soared to fame and transcended its cinematic roots to become a popular sensation, thanks to its witty lyrics by Menna Adli El Kiey and composition by Ahmed Tarek Yehia. Saad’s performance is uniquely infused with a Latin arrangement, courtesy of Spanish guitars, offering a fresh take on the original song.

Ahmed Saad transitions into “Aleky Eyoun” (You Have These Eyes), a ballad that marked his return to releasing music more frequently in early 2022. With lyrics by Mohamed Shafei, Saad personally composed the romantic melody to complement the heartfelt lyrics. However, during the session, Saad injects newfound energy and rhythm into the track, steering it in an entirely different direction.

Continuing to captivate, Saad performs “El Youm El Helw Dah” (What a Beautiful Day), originally featured in the film Their Uncle but earning recognition in its own right. Also written by Menna Adli El Kiey and composed by Ahmed Tarek Yehia, the song’s buoyant lyrics and unconventional expressions have endeared it to audiences across the region. In this rendition, the song is invigorated with lively guitar chords and dynamic instrumentation, infusing its cheerful melodies with fresh energy.

Closing the show with flair, Saad presents “Wasa’ Wasa’” (Move Out of the Way), a track that has achieved remarkable success on streaming platforms since its release in the summer of 2022. With lyrics by Mostafa Hadouta and production by Ehab Clopex, the song showcased a different side of Saad in terms of topics and lyrical approach, leaning toward the style embraced by hip-hop and festival artists.

All these selections, along with others from Saad’s repertoire, have maintained top positions on the Billboard Arabia Hot 100 chart since its release more than 10 weeks ago. By selecting these particular songs for the session, Saad underscores their significance in shaping his career trajectory and solidifying his status as a star.

With enticing arrangements and a fresh style, “Jalsat Billboard Arabia” provides the audience with an opportunity to rediscover these beloved songs. Backed by a talented ensemble including Sharif Hassanein on guitar, Badawy Badawy on bass, Mohamed Saad on piano and Ahmed El Sayed on percussion, Saad reaffirms during this session his versatility and confidence across various musical genres. Through a fusion of eastern melodies and western hues, they transform familiar songs into a fresh audio-visual experience that lingers in the memory.


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