Depardieu affair: “Mr. President, your words deny all women victims of violence the right to be heard and believed”

Depardieu affair: “Mr. President, your words deny all women victims of violence the right to be heard and believed”


Mr. President of the Republic, you wanted to make your double five-year term that of the fight against violence against women. You congratulate yourself on being unassailable on this subject. Great cause of your five-year term? This is a political posture, nothing more. Empty words for all the victims, and for all the people involved in this fight. Your comments in the program “C à vous”, on December 20, demonstrate your disinterest in the cause and a total ignorance of the field of sexist and sexual violence.

To justify yourself, you invoke the presumption of innocence… as if innocence took precedence over presumption. A presumed innocent person is not necessarily an innocent person. He is a presumed innocent, no more, no less. Gérard Depardieu has been indicted since 2020. This means that serious and consistent evidence has been noted by the investigating judge. As a reminder, three complaints were filed: one for sexual assault, two for rape, including one not prescribed.

What do you make of the presumption of innocence of the complainants? A victim has everything to lose by filing a complaint, especially when the accused is known and powerful. She loses her anonymity, her peace of mind, her job, often her friends – even her family – and a lot of money spent on treatment and lawyer fees. Nearly 98% of victims tell the truth, should we remember that?

The popular actor rather than the unknown victim

The presumption of innocence is a founding principle of French criminal law. It prevents neither victims from speaking out nor journalists from investigating. The press informs society and allows the voices of victims to be collected, who are finally heard and considered. No one should deny their ability to think under the cover of presumption of innocence.

Of Gérard Depardieu, you said: “He makes France proud. » Five words which bind us all against our will and signify French impunity, that of an idol, of a sacred monster to whom we forgive everything. Depardieu does not need your presidential support.

The victims, on the other hand, would have deserved to have their courage praised. Instead, you preferred to support the popular actor rather than the unknown victim, sacrificed on the spot of your admiration for this “ immense actor ”. You referred to the “Complément d’investigation” report which you did not see.

A permissive and cowardly society

Depardieu’s intolerable sexist remarks in North Korea might have convinced you of the abjection of his language, of the outrageousness of the character. As a reminder, sexist contempt is a misdemeanor, and rape is a crime, Mr. President.

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