Depardieu affair: “Cinema is one of the places where rape culture is produced”

Depardieu affair: “Cinema is one of the places where rape culture is produced”


The #metoo mobilization happened because America believed the women who spoke to journalists Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, authors of an investigation into Harvey Weinstein in the New York Times . Then Ronan Farrow revealed, in the weekly The New Yorker , that thirteen women accused the film producer of harassment and sexual assault, while three other women denounced rape. It was October 2017. The ogre Weinstein had fallen.

Today, in France, another ogre is accused by thirteen women of sexual violence, who spoke to Marine Turchi on Mediapart . Two women filed a rape complaint. Images from “Additional investigation” show the actor Gérard Depardieu sexualizing all the women he meets, as well as a child. And yet, his family, part of the world of cinema, as well as the President of the Republic, continue to defend him.

Weinstein was in American cinema, but he was not known to the public and above all he did not play a beloved father figure. That’s a major difference. In France, Gérard Depardieu is loved by his family. She defends in the JDD the “father”, “grandfather”, “uncle” , who, “in private” , is “someone extremely modest, delicate and even prudish”. He is loved by part of the French cinema family, who wrote an op-ed in Le Figaro and for whom we should put the “good he has done for us” above the words of women denouncing assault and rape. And he is perhaps the only actor to be known within all French families. As his brother says in “Additional Investigation”: “You talk to anyone in the public, Depardieu, you must not touch it. »

They try to make us believe that there are two men in Gérard Depardieu; on the one hand, a loving parent, a dedicated actor; on the other, this individual targeted by various complaints for rape and sexual assault. But what is terrible, and this is the point of blindness in our society, is that he can be these two men at the same time. We would prefer that the men we love were not the aggressors. And yet, some are. The majority of men who rape or sexually assault women (98% of sexual violence is committed by men, according to the Ministry of the Interior) are not sick monsters subject to their impulses. Those who rape women and children do it because they have understood that they can do it.

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