Depardieu affair: “It is not on the basis of a report that we remove the Legion of Honor from an artist”, believes Emmanuel Macron

Depardieu affair: “It is not on the basis of a report that we remove the Legion of Honor from an artist”, believes Emmanuel Macron


“It is not on the basis of a report that we remove the Legion of Honor from an artist. » Evoking the accusations of rape against Gérard Depardieu during a special edition of “C à vous” on France 5 at the Elysée, Emmanuel Macron affirmed, Wednesday December 20, that the Legion of Honor is an order which does not is “not here to preach” .

He also denounced “a manhunt” against the actor, implicated by the program “Complément d’investigation” broadcast on France 2 at the beginning of December, in which the French cinema giant multiplies misogynistic and insulting remarks. when addressing women, not sparing a little girl with his obscene remarks.

“One thing you’ll never see me in is manhunts. I hate that,” declared the head of state on Wednesday evening. “There are sometimes outbursts over comments made. I am wary of the context,” he insisted.

“I understood that there were controversies over [passages] in the report,” he clarified, taking up the arguments of members of the Depardieu family in a column for the Journal du Dimanche . The latter, including the actress Julie Depardieu, the daughter of the French actor, denounce a “cabal” and evoke “a staging” and “suspicious” cutting shots in the report.

Presumption of innocence

The Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak, announced this week that a “disciplinary procedure” would be initiated by the Grand Chancellery of the Legion of Honor against the actor, notably targeted by two complaints in France for rape and sexual assault, and indicted in one of the two cases. A new accusation was brought against him on Tuesday by a Spanish journalist.

Emmanuel Macron judged that Rima Abdul Malak had “advanced” by speaking of a procedure which could remove the actor’s distinction.

“Does Gérard Depardieu shame France? » asked the head of state, journalist Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. Presenting himself as “a great admirer of Gérard Depardieu” , Emmanuel Macron affirmed on the contrary that the actor “makes France proud” .

“You can accuse someone, there may be victims, but there is also a presumption of innocence that exists,” he said. “I simply want” that Gérard Depardieu “can defend his rights like everyone else” and “continue to work, to create” , he underlined.

“Nothing is wrong with the president’s words”

Furthermore, the Head of State considers himself “unassailable in the fight against attacks against women, violence against women and for equality between women and men. These are the two great causes of my two five-year terms.”

However, his comments provoked a strong reaction on the left and in women’s defense associations. Olivier Faure, the head of the Socialist Party, wrote on his social networks: “Violence against women is a major cause of the five-year term… This president does not believe in anything he announces whatever the subjects. »

“Emmanuel Macron’s words on the subject of Depardieu are once again an insult to the movement to free the speech of victims of sexual violence,” also attacked the environmentalist MP Sandrine Rousseau. Sophie Bussière, spokesperson for the Ecologists, described a President of the Republic as “chief promoter of rape culture” .

Anne-Cécile Mailfert, president of the Women’s Foundation, also expressed her resentment: “Nothing is wrong with the president’s comments regarding Depardieu. I don’t have enough of a tweet to say how outrageous this is, how despicable it is for the victims and how anachronistic it is. »

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