A Timeline of Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox’s Relationship

Billboard has compiled a timeline for how the stars aligned for the stars’ destined romance.

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s love felt destined from the moment the Jennifer Body’s actress felt the rockstar rapper’s Pisces moon.

From their movie’s production being postponed due to COVID to Fox’s guest appearance in MGK’s “Bloody Valentine” music video to their Instagram-worthy engagement, the couple’s love life has played out onscreen and shown their fans how they’re meant to be.

In fact, Fox even claims she’s been “manifesting” a guy like the pop-punk rocker since she was a kid. She told Glamour UK  that MGK is “literally my exact physical type that I’ve been manifesting since I was four. I’m also four years older than him. So, I think I made him. My thoughts and intentions grew him into the person that he is, who knows what he would’ve looked like or been like if it wasn’t for me.”

The actress — who shares three young children with former husband of a decade actor Brian Austin Green — even put their love in historical perspective. “I think Pam [Anderson] and Tommy [Lee] were twin flames, I think they were soulmates,” she said of the Baywatch actress and Motley Crue drummer. “Kurt [Cobain] and Courtney [Love] is a darker version of the same thing. So I think when you find people that come together whose souls have known each other, who have travelled here to do this again, there’s something undeniable about that. And again, it can provoke a positive feeling in you, or it could provoke a very negative feeling.”

Billboard compiled a timeline of how the stars aligned for the stars’ destined romance.


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