Starring in “Vincent Must Die”, Vimala Pons, Buster Keaton for women

Starring in “Vincent Must Die”, Vimala Pons, Buster Keaton for women


We’ve never met an actress who says hello while rolling around, before landing back on her feet, laughing. ” Nice to meet you ! » says the enchantress, with this black, laughing look, defusing the fatal beauty side. Vimala Pons is Anna Karina with jet-black eyes.

Here she arrived, Friday November 10, at the beginning of the evening, at the UGC des Halles, in Paris: she came to present, with Karim Leklou, during a preview, Vincent must die, the first feature film of Stéphan Castang, released Wednesday November 15, a rather rare kind of survivalist romance, which grabs you and makes you think at a hundred miles an hour. “Genre films interest me enormously, because they develop highly philosophical subjects, in a treatment that is mainstream , popular,” explains the actress, at the bar of the Parisian multiplex.

In Vincent must die , Vimala Pons displays her talents as an athlete, and her face darkened by the atmosphere of the end of the world plows a new furrow in her cinematographic career, begun under the solar sign, since she was revealed in The Girl from July 14 (2013), by Antonin Peretjatko – in addition, she has appeared in films by Jacques Rivette, Bruno Podalydès , Paul Verhoeven, Alain Resnais…

Born in 1983, this high-level athlete (karate and tennis) trained in the game, while specializing in juggling and balance at the National Center for Circus Arts, in Châlons-en-Champagne (Marne). “Circassian practice taught me that you can do anything. Any challenge can be overcome, sometimes you just have to tell yourself that it will take four years. And that’s quite calming in a weird way, I find, to count down to the success of an act, or a goal that we have given ourselves,” explains the performer and transformist.

Her creations with Tsirihaka Harrivel, then her Dadaist solo, The Denver Perimeter (2022), in which she carries objects, each more cumbersome than the other, on her head, have earned her the reputation of a feminine Buster Keaton. The doors to contemporary art have opened and Vimala Pons will soon present her first video exhibition at the Anne Barrault gallery, in Paris, in the Marais. She also works with the Franco-Vietnamese photographer Nhu Xuan Hua: “It’s a Cindy Sherman-style project, where I play twelve different women. For my part, I will create music on each photo. »

To this, we must add several shoots in the coming months, including one with the Franco-Chilean Alejandro Jodorowsky, plus a show in 2025. “My goal is to have the schedule of Isabelle Huppert, I’m a big fan of Zaza! » A pause, and she says: “I have too many desires for such a small container! »

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