5 mystery novels to curl up with this winter

5 mystery novels to curl up with this winter


As winter settles in, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a mystery novel. This season, readers can delve into new titles that feature a variety of sleuths: a hapless mystery writer; a group of very pregnant women; Mary Russell, Sherlock Holmes’s partner in life and crime-solving; and more.

‘Everyone on This Train Is a Suspect,’ by Benjamin Stevenson

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In this sequel to his bestseller, “Everyone in My Family Has Killed Someone” author Stevenson offers another clever spoof of the mystery genre. After surviving killings involving his own family, Ernest Cunningham wrote a popular nonfiction book about it. Now he’s struggling to shift to writing fiction, and he hopes to get inspiration from an unusual literary festival — aboard a legendary Australian train, the Ghan — at which he’s one of five featured authors. Inspiration arrives violently when a noted Scottish mystery writer is murdered on board the train. Cunningham realizes he’s again been thrust into the midst of a real-life whodunit. Cunningham narrates the tale in the first person, frequently interrupting himself to address the reader directly; these authorial intrusions further boost the book’s humorous tone as Cunningham helps us keep track of how many times each suspect is mentioned, and where in the plot we might expect the next murder. (Mariner, Jan. 30)


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